Wednesday, 11 July 2012


Conductive upbringing
After much research and scary discussions with various specialists Liza found Conductive Education. CE is many things to families but its core aim is to provide a unique form of special education and rehabilitation to children and adults with motor disorders. It has been the place where Joss has received committed and dedicated physical therapy that has seen his physical abilities strengthen and develop, for Liza it has been a safe haven and support. It has been a knowledgeable advisory service and a powerful advocacy group when trying to get Joss the right equipment or help. They have visited Kindy [kindergarten] to offer guidance so Joss can take his place in his community, hospital appointments, pre-school visits, you name it they have been there. Andor and his staff at Conductive Education do this and more for every family who cross their threshold. The one thing they have never done is patronise, limit or underestimate Joss' abilities. Joss is cognitively bright, he is a beautiful, funny little boy with a wicked sense of humour and a quiet determination. You would be surprised professionals put all people with disability into one box.
A comprehensive practice, nicely described, providing far, far more, qualitatively and quantitatively, than can be encompassed by that limiting little word 'therapy'.

This from New Zealand. Nice one, Conductor Andor Czeh and the centre at Naenae.

World Cerebral Palsy Day

The paragraph quoted above took me 58 seconds to read aloud. It sounds just the ticket for an entry to World CP Day

With perhaps slight modifications to make it more general (and losing the inappropriate expression 'physical therapy') this would make a very nice entry.

For more on CE and World CE Day, see :

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