Thursday, 19 July 2012



The Oldie magazine is twenty years old:

As far as I can see, this anniversary merits no mention in its this month's edition.

This will be unlikely to concern you if you are not a Brit but it does offer a peg for quoting a paragraph from regular columnist Wildred De'Ath writing in last month's edition:

I am sorry to be so negative – but it's my column and I can say what I like and if you don't like it you can bugger off and write your own. You will soon run out of ideas – if you ever had any – in next to no time. And the pay is derisory.

Unless you are a blogger or thinking uncertainly about becoming one. In either case you might find his words reassuring.


De'Ath, W. (2012) Me and my spleen, The Oldie, June, p. 33


  1. Andrew,

    I love The Oldie; it is such a treat when I receive a battered copy from home.

    I am surprised it is only celebrating its twentieth year, I thought that it was older. I had not realised that I have been reading it since its early days when it became a favourite when I still lived in Budapest!

    Any copies that I receive through the post these days are always already second -, or maybe even third-hand and only this week I at last found another appreciative English-speaker to pass them on to.

    When I asked my Irish friend’s German wife if she thought her husband would like them she asked me what The Oldie is.

    How do I describe the Oldie?

    I explained that it is a magazine full of British ironic humour, and comment, for old fashioned Brits like me to read. She corrected me and said – ‘Old fashioned like us!’ They are ten years younger than me!

    I wondered out loud whether Irish humour would also appreciate The Oldie and just at that moment her husband appeared and there was a delighted grin on his face when he saw what he had been given. So that answered my question.

    At least two old-fashioned expat Oldie fans look forward to another twenty years.

    As for blogging, I, too will carry on regardless.