Wednesday, 18 July 2012


SAHK acts
What about YOU?

Ivan Su writes to tell me that SAHK will be participating as one of the involved charities in this event, and that its logo has already been uploaded to the website:

Not much underfoot grass-growing in Hong Kong.

Further, he will be at he follow-up meeting of the 2012 World CP Day in Pisa, doing his best to raise the voice of CE.

Let us hope that before then parents families and friends who have benefited from CE, not to mention those who have cerebral palsy themselves, will have taken up this opportunity to raise their voices and proclaim its benefits.

After all, if they do not, why should anybody take notice of it? In Ivan's words –
...since CE is claiming to make a difference to the life of people with CP and their families, it's a golden opportunity for those who have been benefited from this system to upload their voice onto this global platform to let people unaware of their conductive lifestyle.
And, as this will be the first World CP Day, Ivan adds –
Being the first one, I think it has not yet gained much recognition, so it's comparatively easier to launch the voice of CE on this platform.
Use this opportunity – or lose it.

All you need to do

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