Sunday, 17 March 2013


How best to put this...?

The next time I am asked about my relationship to Conductive Education I shall paraphrase Dame Edith Sitwell, and reply –

Old people have pets and mine is CE

I can think of better retirement hobbies (both for myself and for Dame Edith).

By the way, what she actually said was –

Old people have pets and mine is the USSR


Gill Maguire is compiling a 'Pető quotationnary' for publication soon by Conductive Education Press. For general guidance she has been looking at some other such works currently on the market,  a very good example of which is Richard Ingram's Quips and Quotes:

Ingrams, R. (2012) Quips and Quotes: a journalist's commonplace book, London, The Oldie Publications.

Excellent though this be, however, it does not reference sources, so I have no idea of when and in which circumstances Dame Edith said or wrote this.

I am assured that Gill's forthcoming collection will be very well referenced indeed!

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