Thursday, 28 March 2013


Old-style school inspectors start work this autumn

The Hungarian Government is to reinstate the Communist-era school-inspection system. Three thousand will be recruited and trained on a trial basis, to start in Autumn. They will visit classrooms and observe lessons.

Mária Hári told me that she had had terrible conflicts with the school-inspectors as her ideas of how groups should be taught and organised, Pető-style, conflicted with how the visiting inspectors insisted that it ought to be done. She included school inspectors in that comprehensive group outside whom she called 'the enemy' ('I hate them'). I know details of all this, but I suspect that such a long-running conflict would have been an important force in creating at least the shape of school-based children's conductive services.

Here we go again?  A force for further evolution in the old country? It will be interesting to see.


(2013) Government to revive communist-era school inspector system,, 27 March

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