Tuesday, 26 March 2013


UK's proposed Mickey Mouse press law

Ben Webster and Laura Pitel, in this morning's Times

Small-scale bloggers will be exempt from new rules seeking to punish publishers with exemplary damages if they refuse to join an 'approved regulator', under an amendment tabled by the Government.

After widespread protests on the internet about the impact on bloggers, ministers conceded that their previous amendments to the Crime and Courts governing Bill, passed in the Commons a week ago, had been flawed...

The list of publications excluded from the provisions on exemplary damages would be extended by the new amendment top include 'a person who publishes a small-scale blog'.

One small mercy anyway from Fred Karno's shambolic governing elite. Of course, it has still to be decided, presumably in the end by the courts, what constitutes a 'small-scale blogger'.

What a mare's nest

What a shaming situation to energe within a supposedly 'mature denocracy'. Stephen Tall peers into the thickets ahead:


Tall, S. (2013) Government pauses on web regulation to ponder question, 'What is a small-scale blog?'Liberal Democrat Voice, 26 March

Webster, B., Pitel, L.. (2013) Small blogs exempt from press rules as ministers admit flaw, The Times, 26 March



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