Sunday, 24 March 2013


Learning by doing

I can just about manage to 'work' Blogger. I struggle with Facebook and would really like to 'do' it better than I can.. I 'did' Twitter for a time – but gave it up as a waste of time. I sometimes wonder whether the social-networking revolution is passing me by.

Along the way, various souls have invited me to join this or that social-networking system, and sometimes I have even tried to do so, but to little practical avail. One such was LinkedIn (is that really the way to write 'Linked In'?)


Over the last few weeks, I do not know why, I have been receiving a small flurry of invitations to join Linked in, from people whom I know either in person or by name. I have begun to feel mildly guilty about simply ignoring these, so this evening I tried to do the basic things that Linked in seems to require.

I cannot quite see the purpose of LinkedIn. It seems to be for people who are trying to make their way in the world, and are not abashed by proclaiming their achievements to date. Naively perhaps, I presume that this is a way to market one's wares, in the expectation that further business and advantage will thereby come one's way. From what I have seen so far of LinkedIn I wonder whether I should be more bold in beating my drum, thumping my chest or whatever it is expected of me in such a context.

I can vouch from my own long experience, and from observing others, that the better-mousetrap model of personal and observed advancement brings little positive in its wake, and plenty that is negative.

I am not trying to make my way in the world and I cannot see that proclaiming what I do will ring greatly to my advantage, but who know? So I have filled in LinkedIn's form as well as I can understand it and I shall see what happens. So far, I gather, people will be asked whether they would like me to join their networks.

So far, so good. 'Ping, ping... ping, ping', signals my phone, to tell me that I am getting takers.

What might be in it for me?

What advantages and adventures will this bring? Who knows? I am not given to breath-holding behaviour, and cannot see how else a wait for results will harm me. At the very least, I might learn something of how to 'work' LinkedIn.

Perhaps some of the high-fliers whom I 'network' will notice my earnest wish for money to employ a secretary – though probably only if I find the appropriate way to state this! Perhaps all sorts of advantages will beat their way to my door. After all, thing ventured, nothing gained...

And I might even be of use to others too.

You can find me on LinkedIn at the following URL:

Sign me up, Scottie...

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  1. I, too, have never really got the point of LinkedIn. However, I have found some small benefit in belonging to a couple or so of Groups. These serve me mainly as sources of information. Perhaps someone (me?) should set up a LinkedIn Conductive Education Group? Would it be for the UK or world-wide?

    Twitter, unlike yourself who found it a waste of time, I have always valued: most of all as a source of up-to-the-minute news and professionally-related information. The value of this depends very much on whom you are following. It takes time to build up a useful list. I've also found twitter more than occasionally useful for getting advice or questions answered. But there's lighter stuff, too, the humour and gossip and chit-chat. It's quite good for having a dig from time-to-time at Virgin Media for the quality of their broadband service!