Monday, 15 April 2013


Hungarian Government ducks the issue

It looks like the Fidesz Government has ducked out of restricting Hungarian graduates' freedom to leave the country and work abroad, at least for all practical purposes –
Students who receive state scholarships will not be banned from leaving Hungary after graduation, but will have to meet work obligations in Hungary within a 20-year period... Recipients of state aid will still be required to work in Hungary for double the number of years for which they received state aid, but can do that within 20 years of graduation... etc
In other words, graduates will be able to come and go as they please without financial penalties, within any foreseeable future.

Within this the supply of newly trained Hungarian graduates will not now be drying up, at least as long as the Pető Institute continues to exist in its present form.

As for the possibility of the Hungarian Government's calling in the present deal, well that's won't be till 2033. I don't know about you, or Fidesz, or the PAI, but that really does sound like another country!

Fidesz: standing up for its policies

The next test for Fidesz's resolve may come from Wednesday 17 April, when the European Parliament will be debating wider political developments in Hungary:


(2013) Government fine-tunes system for keeping graduates in Hungary,, 15 April

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