Thursday, 4 April 2013


What is her message?

Mária Hári joined Facebook on 9 January this year:

Posted immediately was a copy of the rather nice portrait photograph used on the front page of the book Mária Hári on conductive pedagogy, so I know that this is the right Mária Hári and not the well-known Tibetologist of the same name

Since January 46 people have signed up hopefully to Mária's facebook page, as 'friends'. I was one of these hopefuls. Since then, however, until this week – silence.

Now comes Mária's first communication from beyond, to alert me to a five-minute video on Youtube:
A smiley little boy has a pleasant but predominantly passive time, there is a jolly song, and a charity event and run are announced.
I regret that my limited Hungarian precludes any further detail of this message from Mária. Can anybody help? What is she saying to us?
Maguire, G., Sutton, A. (eds) (2004) Mária Hári on conductive pedagogy, Birmingham, Foundation for Conductive Education

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