Thursday, 25 April 2013


Looks good

Today is ANZAC Day, and timely reminder that March's issue of the Newsletter of the New Zealand Foundation for Conductive Education, already distributed to subscribers by email, is now on line and publicly available:

As ever this provides a model to be envied and emulated by others in Conductive Education elsewhere who might aspire to the same degree of national coverage in their own countries.

Upcoming national events

NZFCE's AGM and Conference this year will be held on 23-24 May, in Wellington, and will feature speakers from the Ministries of both Education and Health.

People outside New Zealand may be particularly interested to see how the Foundation contributes financially to attendance at this event.

The New Zealand Annual Conductors’ Seminar will be held directly afterwards, on 23 and 24 May, also in Wellington.

Funding news

Arrangement with Ministry of Education for units based in primary schools, in part-compensation for Health's progressive withdrawal of therapy funding

8th World Congress

The Foundation will award two grants, each of NZ$2,000 for travel to Munich in October, 'to present information relative to the delivery of Conductive Education in New Zealand and bring back to NZ the latest developments in CE worldwide'.

Individual centres are considering what to do themselves in this respect.

'Suitability for the Conductive Education programme'
At the recent NZFCE Board meeting there was discussion about the suitability of children with a diagnosis other than Cerebral Palsy attending CE programmes, i.e. Downs Syndrome, Rett Syndrome etc. Also the issue of the suitability of children at the very top end of the disability scale as is the case for many of the children in the attached school units. The Foundation supports the concept that if it is considered that CE can improve the quality of life for such children then they should be able to access the programme. However NZFCE accepts that the professionals at each make these specific individual decisions.
Early days, but sensible conclusion given the state of the art.


The Foundation will compile a document in time for circulation at the AGM, summarising the state of CE services across the country.

Look to March's Newsletter for the nature and degree of detail that is to be included.

Personal news

March's issue also includes the Newsletter's usual detailed information on people, events, comings and goings from around the country...

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