Monday, 15 April 2013


CE's most entitled advocates (and critics)

I have had a note from Chris Basterfield who, if my memory is correct, first came into CE in January 1988 –
Ester Baston and I are trying to get in touch with people who have had Conductive Education since the mid-1980s and are now over 18, in order to find out their views and opinions on it, in order to perhaps to organise some kind of event initially.
In the long run the ideal aim would be to create some kind of document/dossier to extoll the virtues of Conductive Education and put pressure on people in positions of influence to get more recognition and perhaps funding for Conductive Education.
Any other help that you could give us in this regard would be very much appreciated.
Chris Basterfield
It barely needs remark that the movement to spread awareness of Conductive Education round the world has been born largely on the backs of parents, and that they took up their burden voluntarily, for the good of their children and for other people's children too.

It also hardly needs saying that those children were not themselves volunteers in this great crusade!

Time rolls on, however, and those children are themselves approaching the age at which their parents made their choices, took their stand, and fought their early battles. Those children are now adults, citizens in their own right, and what they have to say is potentially the most valid testimony that CE could enjoy (and a most valid source of criticism too in constructing a balanced view).

I shall certainly feed Chris and Ester a few suggestions about whom they might rope in. Some of these are in the UK but there are others. I would urge them to caste their net wide, internationalise – but strategy and tactics are for them to decide. It is their time, and their world.

Suffice it here and now only to ask those with relevant contacts amongst people who experienced CE for themselves as children, and might be interested in getting together, and just possibly then some political action, to get in touch with Chris direct:

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