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Familiar enough family experience
Most uncommon economic benefit

Jan Mainka reports in yesterday's Budapest Times
'Ulrich Bettermann is one of the entrepreneurs in Germany who recognised the opportunity of a larger Europe early on,' former German foreign minister and guest of honour Hans-Dietrich Genscher said at the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Hungarian subsidiary of OBO Bettermann. The company whose office is in the Budapest suburb of Bugyi today employs over 700 people. Company owner Ulrich Bettermann plans for the number of employees to reach 1,000 within the next three years. The manufacturer of electro-technology and building installation technology is present in over 60 countries today.
Family needs first
His choice of Hungary in 1993 had a deeply personal reason, rather than being purely business-related. 'A young man is sitting there who is the reason why we are in Hungary,' Bettermann said at the beginning of his speech. 'My son Christoph is the reason for this factory. I sought help for him all over the world and finally found it in the Petõ Institute in Budapest,' he explained. And what do you do as a father? First you rent a flat and then you buy a house. And as a businessman you build a factory. First I did so in Budapest, which was not so much to my taste, and then here in Bugyi, which was instantly my dream.'
Bettermann’s close relationship with Hungary has remained intact over the years. 'I still feel very much at home in Hungary and I would say I’ve become half-Hungarian. My son Christoph has even become fully Hungarian,' he said, referring to the fact that his son now lives permanently in the country...
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Mainka, J. (2013) A special relationship with Hungary, Budapest Times, 27 May

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