Friday, 10 May 2013


Timely reminder

I have just bought a copy of Keith Lowe's book Savage Continent.

Oh how grim. It will prove a useful reference book, something ideal to dip into for specific information. But I doubt that shall be able to read it through, from beginning to end. The events described, and their implications, are just too awful.

In 1975 I voted 'Yes' to Europe in the Referendum in which the people of the UK were asked one simple question –
Do you think that the United Kingdom should remain part of the European Community (the Common Market)?
In the event the results were –
Yes    17,378,581 (67.2%)
No       8,470,073 (32.8%)
I voted Yes in the hope that unifying the Continent might help stop the Europeans ripping each other to shreds again – and dragging us into it. The peace has lasted well and I am pleased to see that, for all the economic woes, there are more nations (including shred-rippers) hoping to join.

For all the minor inconveniences and irritations of being 'in Europe' I suspect that in the forthcoming Referendum I shall vote viscerally to stay in, for precisely the same reason.

Saloon-bar moronity

I have no way of knowing what my compatriots as a whole actually think on this matter, since I meet so few of them personally. I therefore depend on what I read or hear through the media, from which I hear little but Blimps booming over mainly trivial, personal hobby-horses, with no account of wider context.

I am afraid that the UK's public 'debate' on European membership seems to pay little or no regard what to me is fundamental... We shall doubtless soon see.


Lowe, K. (2012) Savage Continent: Europe in the aftermath of World War II, London, Penguin

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