Friday, 31 May 2013


Extraordinarily ambitious job specification
A new kind of job in the UK?
Lots of such jobs?

Advert published by Capita –
Conductive Therapist
Capita Education are working with a client that wishes to appoint an enthusiastic, highly motivated, creative and inspirational classroom practitioner who is passionate about teaching and learning and developing conductive education. The role is a 0.6 position to start as soon as possible until April 2014. The successful candidate will work in the primary and secondary department of school and be able to deliver an engaging curriculum suitable for the needs of all the pupils they teach integrated with conductive education. They must also be an effective communicator and have good team work skills being flexible and responsive to the needs of the school. A knowledge of special education and EYFS would be desirable. The successful candidate will take responsibility for continuing to embed the ethos of conductive education throughout the school and be able to evidence good or outstanding practice.
How much institutional change can 0.6 of a classroom assistant  realistically achieve (need not be a conductor, apparently)?

More such jobs?

Capita is advertising this job very widely but I cannot see whether the same advert is being repeated, or whether the same job being arranged for a number of schools (the latter seems so implausible).

See all the adverts and judge for yourself:

One wonders what this very big firm understands such a 'conductive therapist' might do. In less than a year.



    Four different schools – in Romford, Westminster, East Sheen and East Anglia – all seeking the same commodity: six sessions per week of somebody (a 'conductive therapist', 'classroom practitioner') tasked to 'embed the ethos of conductive education throughout the school' by next April.

    What bill of goods has Capita bought into, who originated it, what do these schools believe that they will be getting?

  2. Presumably if one referred to "Capita Therapy" rather than "Capita Education" they would have no more qualms about this than their reference to "Conductive Therapist"? Or would it simply just be wrong?

    Alternatively, if Capita's client were seriously seeking a "practitioner who is passionate about teaching and learning and developing conductive education" why would they be happy paying Capita good money to find them a therapist?

    And so on round the fairy bluebells.