Thursday, 23 May 2013


Al Jazeera is shocked
Are you?

I have never known what to make of Hungarian politics. This is as true now as it was when I first went there during Goulash Socialism. Of course it is axiomatic that all countries are less that perfect but has to be equally axiomatic that some countries may be more less-than-perfect than others. On this basis, however much I like and admire many Hungarians, and many aspects of their society, certain aspects of what is happening in Hungary today fill me with dreadful foreboding.

Glenn Ellis's Al Jazeera's report

There is available on line both in video form (25 minutes) and as a written news report (three-thousand words):

The two follow each other closely in content, but each contains a little information that the other does not. They may be regarded as closely complementary rather that identical.

They feature (among others) Viktor Orban, Ágnes Heller, György Konrád, Tamás Fodor, László Csatáry, Zolt Bayer and Pastor Gábor Iványi, along with the Jews, the Gypsies (Roma) the Arrow Cross and Jobbik.

Be informed, and have an opinion

As I think has been previously remarked in Conductive World, I shall not be visiting this Weimaresque republic in any foreseeable future. For all the good that there might be to go, I just do not wish to be there. This is a hardly a boycott to topple the present regime, or gto divert the present forces shaping Hungarian society! Indeed I wonder just what it will take for Hungary to become a cause-célèbre in polite society in the Western world, and generate the sort of boycotts, economic, cultural, academic, that popular liberal indignations favour.

This may or may not happen. I do hope that in the meantime people concerned with Conductive Education around the world, whatever their interest, should be sure to stay appraised of what is happening in that unhappy country.

Do form and review your own opinion, one way or the other. No opinion at all may no longer be much of an option.


Ellis, G. (2013) Hungary: Towards the Abyss. Investigating why critics of Hungary's authoritarian government believe it is leading the country towards fascism. Al Jazeera, 22 May

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