Monday, 20 May 2013


CE and Edward's syndrome (Trisomy 18)

Here is a story for people who say that CE is 'suitable' only for children with forms of cerebral palsy – and for those who know otherwise.

Edward's syndrome is a rare condition, and not a 'motor disorder'. A year ago an article in a local newspaper in Franklin Indiana recounted the first year of life of a little girl with this condition:

Reprinted in full:

There has been a TV report on her, including an interesting contribution on medical ethics:

Lilliana is now two years old. Her heart has been repaired and she wears hearing aids. She attends the Jackson Center, the only CE facility in Indiana.


– (n.d.) The Jackson Center for Conductive Education

Mattes, B. (2012) Hope for Lilliana, Facing Life Head-on, no 11 (TV report)

Trares, R. (2012) Hearts full of hope: surgery extends the life of infant with rare condition, Daily Journal (Franklin, Indiana ), 29 May
Reprinted in full at:
extend life of infant with rare condition

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