Wednesday, 1 May 2013


For German parents seeking alternatives

The Dolphin Network links and informs German parents interested in 'holistic therapies', including animal therapies (horses, dolphins), Castillo-Moralles, crano-sacral therapy – and Conductive Education. Prompted by the forthcoming World Congress, the recent issue of its biennial newsletter includes two articles on Conductive Education

The first of these items, 'Conductive Education according to Petö: an everyday life and task-oriented therapy for children and adults with movement disorders', emphasises the Hungarian history and orientation of Conductive Education in Germany. The second, 'Conductive Education as help towards self-help: World Congress 2013 in Germany', is PR from the Congress-organizers.


Garner, C., von Quadt, P., Singer, I. (2013) Konduktive Förderung nach Petö: eine Alltages und aufgabenorientierte Therapie für Kinder und und erwachsene mit Bewegungsstörungen, Delphin Netzwerk: Gantheitliche Therapien & mehr..., Spring, pp. 12-14

Souksengphet-Dachlauer, A. (2013) Konduktive Forderung als Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe: Weltkongress 2013 in Deutschland, Delphin Netzwerk: Gantheitliche Therapien & mehr..., Spring, pp. 16-17

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