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András Pető's stolen birthplace plaque replaced

From the local paper in the town of Szombathely, where Ándrás Pető was born –
In 2010 two public plaques were stolen. Sándor Weöres’ from Petőfi utca and Ándrás Pető’s from the wall of the building at 2 Kossuth utca. The police found the offenders but not the plaques.

The same year György Feisz offered a million Forints from his own MP’s allowance to replace the two boards. Sándor Weöres new plaque was done in the autumn of 2010, but replacing Pető’s turned out a challenge.

The sculptor Torjay Andre András had died over this time and the mould used to make the original could not be found. The leadership of the city decided to make an agreement with Gábor Veres to create a new tablet. Using original photos the sculptor has created a replica of the original.

This process took a long time. First of all he needed to negotiate with the Tornay family. Secondly, during this time the council had authorized the opening of a new fashion boutique in this particular building in Kossuth utca.

The shop's owner was prepared to negotiate.

But on 11 September, Pető's birthday, there was no celebration. Representatives of the Pető Institute arrived to find nothing there. In the end Gábor Veres screwed the plaque up with his own hands, without any ceremony. Íme!


As I understand it, Íme is a rather literary expression, meaning 'Behold', 'There you are'. Or perhaps 'So it goes', or 'That's all, folks...'


(2012) Ismét van Pető András-emléktábla, Vas Népe Online, 24 October (with photograph)

My thanks to Tünde Rózsahegyi for helping me understand this article.

Sándor Weöres was a local literary figure

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