Tuesday, 21 May 2013


Mixed morning's programme

The programme of the Pető Institute's in-house 'scientific meetings' resumed on 26 April, with the fourth in this academic year's series:

10.10 Evidence-based Conductive Education, Dr. med. habil. György Polyvás, Pető Institute
11.30 Low back pain. A different view from outpatient clinic on the most common orthopaedic disorder, Prof. Dr. habil. Klaus Küllmer
12.30 The importance of developing social skills in children with cerebral palsy, Zsófia Nádasi, Pető Institute
 Previous meetings this academic year

The first three meetings in this series were held in September, October and November last year:

If generalisation can be made, German medical professors have been most apparent.

These three meetings were followed closely followed by the 'Scientific Meeting' of the year's Pető Day, fielding another four German professors:

Home team

Especially interesting at the fourth meeting therefore are the home-grown presentations. Perhaps these will re-emerge for wider public consideration at the forthcoming World Congress in Munich, maybe even see publication.

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