Thursday, 30 May 2013


Deadline extension

E-mail communication from the organisers of the 8th World CE Congress –
Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
dear CE community,
For the upcoming 8th World Congress on Conductive Education (October 9 - 12, 2013) in Munich and Fürstenfeldbruck the deadline for the early bird registration has been extended by June 7, 2013...
...the detailed programme will be available shortly.
This means that the 'early bird' (cheaper-rate) registration fee will be available for a few more days, giving time for people to decide whether they might come on not on the basis of having seen the finalised draft academic/professional/commercial programme.

Programme so far

A skeleton programme is now fleshing out on line at:

  • First impression is that the programme looks very full, so that there will some hard choices to make between parallel events.
  • Fourteen 'keynotes' jostle for time with oral presentations (in the draft programme keynotes are indicated as 'KN' and printed against mauve backgrounds) and are themselves squeezed for time – resulting in the unusual feature of some keynotes' not being presented in plenary sessions but running together, in parallel.
  • On the second and third days of the Congress choice is further extended by half a dozen workshop sessions (not to be confused with the pre-conference workshops which comprise a sparate programme), and apparently a choice of round tables.
  • Also running in parallel are film presentations, 'industrial exhibitions', 'presntations of exhibitors' and a public open day.

Oral presentations
These are to be delivered in a dozen parallel sessions:
A Neuroscience and neurorehabilitative knowledge
B History and theory
C Inclusion
D Transcultural adaptations
E New methods within CE
F Evaluation of effectiveness
G Parents and family view
H Early education and school
I Adulthood and transition
J New settings
K Professional education
L New target groups
M Profession of conductors
  • again, there will to be some hard choices to be made
  • punters will have to be nipping in and out during sessions if they are to exercise the choices open to them.
Titles and abstracts of all presentations will be available on line 'soon', presumably in time to meet the revised early-bird registration.

A round-table programme appears to be still at the stage of being recruited:
Round-table discussions will be held on Friday, October 11, 2013, 16:00 to 17:00. Participants are strongly encouraged to propose a topic for these discussions. Those who would like to chair such a round table discussion can inform about their topic by e-mail to:

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