Wednesday, 26 June 2013


19 May 1999

The Conductive Depository has posted up a full transcript of the big House of Lords debate on Conductive Education, held in the evening of 19 May 1999:

There was a time when Conductive Education was frequently mentioned in both Houses of the UK Parliament (and in the then Assemblies too). This, though, was the biggest debate specifically on this topic.

A Parliamentary occasion

It was also a small milestone in the history of Parliament, as Lord Iveagh who moved this debate mentioned in his concluding remarks.

A nice lad Lord Iveagh, drawn into the Conductive Education fray by pioneer parents and activists Colin and Donna Mock, and genuinely concerned to do the right thing. Colin and Donna were in the Visitors' Gallery to watch the debate, so was I – but nobody else came from Conductive Education.

In fact, nobody was there from the press or from any of the other bodies that might once have shown an interest. By 1999 the national heat was already out of the CE question.

Ten years passed...

Hansard well conveyed what was a civilised and fairly well informed discussion that evening in 1999. It is sad to see how poorly what had been discussed that evening was carried over into a major Lords debate on cerebral palsy, held ten years later, on 4 November 2009:

Makes one think of gunpowder...


Sutton, A. (2013) House of Lords debates Conductive Education, Conductive Depository, 24 June

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  1. Happy Days indeed, a time when it was all about the children."God Bless Them"

    Colin & Donna