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Aged two to five in Hamilton, New Zealand

Michael Pulman is a young man who has grown up among the sometimes 'harsh realities' of life with a disability even in God's own land of New Zealand. Two years ago, when he was nineteen, he published a small book, a reminiscence of his life so far.

Between the ages of two and five he attended Conductive Education for three to four days a week in a school in Hamilton mainly intended for children with 'siribel pausy' ('cerebral palsy' rendered in New Zealand English)

Parts of the book are available open-access on line, through Google Books. Fortunately for those concerned specifically with CE, these include pages 18 to 22, covering his experience of Conductive Education.
The phrase 'never give up' and 'keep trying' would be something that I would learn very quickly over the next few years... (p. 19)
When he was five Michel's diagnosis was confirmed as cerebral spinal atrophy. He has a passion for writing and works as a sportswriter.

Other such memoirs of conductive childhoods are coming into print (I know of a couple immanent), offering child's eye views of conductive experiences and contributing cumulatively towards a fuller understanding of this human process.

Michael's also reminds one that the development and history of Conductive Education now unfold in places far removed from Hungary.


Pulman, M. (2011) Such is Life, Trafford Publishing

The complete book (and Michael's first novel) can be purchased on line:

Hardback US$ 12.33

Softback US$ 9.99

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