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Any change from three years?

Previous postings on Conductive World remain on line, and will appear in Internet searches by Google etc. Readers who feel strongly about what they find are free to post a Comment on such old postings.

(All postings, along with any Comments posted by readers, will be publicly available for some long time yet, courtesy of the web archives.)

Nearly three years ago a posting addressed the perennial issue arose of finding 'CE equipment' to use at home, part of the much wider question of lack of information for families in general. This had arisen within the context of England but is not unique to that country. In England failure of a major national organisation (Scope) to provide basis information was remarked upon – this too is hardly an England-specific problem. A parent's particular personal enquiry on line had sparked this posting – in the event this was answered by fellow parents:

Now, nearly three years later, a further Comment, also from a parent...

I just came to this as I was looking for some Conductive Education bits and bobs for my son, to use at home. I was totally confused about the question posed in the 'article' above 'Why does somebody want to get kitted out with wooden furniture etc? Is it hoped that this stuff will work some miracle?'. What kind of question is that?

The whole principle of 'School for Parents' for the 0-5 year olds is that we learn Conductive Education skills that we then practise at home with our kids. We don't need a conductor there - we just need to integrate aspects of CE into our lives. Dycem mats to stick our child's plates and cups down so they don't fall off the table when the child tries to grab them, grab rails on the table so we can practise sitting in less supportive chairs and work core muscles, slatted stools to sit on when we practise our self-dressing skills instead of being laid down on the floor and dressed like you would a baby.

I don't think the woman who was after this stuff was criticising anyone and I don't think anyone had failed her – she was just trying to find what she wanted without having to pick up the phone and ask someone's advice. Smirthwaite do the basic stuff you might need and their name comes up when you Google “Conductive Education equipment” but they don't do all the stuff you might see in a CE school.

I think there's a need for a broader selection of equipment to be sold including some of the accessible items you might find at School For Parents including specialist scissors, rolling mats, standing ladders etc.


And Scope still seems to be holding CE at arm's length.

Any further comments?


Sutton, A. (2010) Scope for improved awareness in UK too. Is the paid help up to the job? Conductive World, 10 August

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