Saturday, 22 June 2013


Six items from 2011

First published on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of Mária Hári's death...
Sutton, A. (2011) Háriana I. – A két Mária / The two Márias, Conductive World, 6 October
     A personal remembrance, in English and in Hungarian translation
Sutton, A., (2011) Háriana II. – Mária Hári in her prime, Conductive World, 7 October 
     Some of her principles for conductive pedagogy
Sutton, A. (2011) Háriana III. –A night at the theatre, Conductive World, 8 October
     One of the late Péter Popper's wry anecdotes
Sutton, A. (2011) Háriana IV. – Speaking out, Conductive World, 10 October
     Resisting superficial imitation
Sutton, A. (2011) Háriana V. – Disciples awake, Conductive World, 12 October 
     Try to convey her ideas on others
Sutton, A. (2011) Háriana VI. – Obituaries, Conductive World,
     Three notices from the United Kingdom
CEP is toying with the idea of a second 'Hári book', to come out perhaps towards the end of 2014.

Any comments. Any suggestions? Any offers?

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