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How goes the fight?
How stood the wind for... Munich?

Ho, what news? 1

Not a lot. In general, worldwide, CE just seems less and less newsworthy. Maybe that is a good sign, maybe a bad one. Time will doubtless tell. Specifically, June in the Northern Hemisphere, where most of the CE action is situated, is for many people a time of transition from ordinary routines of the year to the special activities of summer. Either way, there is precious little CE news appearing on line.

So I asked Google News to tell what I might have missed recently. Not a lot. Here are the top-ten links for a simple search of Google News, looking for the term "conductive education”:

This little list of ten takes us back as far as 10 June. That is Conductive Education as the English-speaking world is presently hearing of it through the public news media.

For what it is worth from this limited sample:

  • five (half of them) come from the United States, three of these relating to a single event – effective PR work there), three from England, and two from Canada
  • in nine of the ten the prime focus is a local fundraising event.
No harm in publicising local fundraising events. I know too well the hard work that goes into them, the generosity of those who attend, and the disappointment and problems when things do not work out as hoped.

How goes the fight? 2

But where in the above news is the strategic media coverage that is surely essential for the wave of public support that will carry CE up with it, and in the long run bring more strategic funding? Where is the conflict with entrenched established systems, where are the dashed hopes and the constant struggle, where the intellectual excitement, the radical public policy implications? Where's the beef. Where is the story?

It is there is the daily existential reality of families and conductors – in spades it is – so what is standing in the way of its getting in the media? How goes the fight? Hard to say, if it carries on largely unheard.

How stood the wind for...3 Munich?

The 8th World Congress has yet to launch its PR strategy but this is still a good time to check background level of the German language media are saying in the meantime about “konduktive förderung”:

Not a lot. Just three stories. All are from Germany, two of these being the same story in different publications. None was about fundraising, all about achievement, real CE news item, one substantially so.

Yes the German media are different from those in the English-speaking sphere. And no, I have no time to trouble he multilingual Google Mail for what might be going on elsewhere...
Maybe there's a lot...
It's déjà vue, all over again

In February last year:

In May of this:

1 Shakespeare
2 ditto
3 ditto

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