Monday, 24 June 2013


Pictures of Saturday's ceremony

Photographs from Saturday's event have now been published on the PAI's Facebook page:

Previous information on this Heritage Award:

What half-century?

The Heritage Award commemorated 'a half-century of healing and educational activity'. Fifty years ago András Pető's Institute was still under the control of the Ministry of Health, still the Institute for Motor Therapy. On András Pető's birthday that year, he received a letter from Pál Ilku, then Minister of Education, praising his efforts, granting permission at last for the Institute to train its own staff, and officially confirming the Institute's transfer out of Health, into Education. Henceforth it would proudly provide, and train, motor upbringing and motor pedagogy.  See passim:

Fifty years was a long time ago, and a long way to come, depending upon your perspectives.

A bonus: Mária Hári

Scroll down the page to belowr these pictures. Under 'Other albums', click on the first picture, the one entitled 'Hári Doktornő halálának évfor...' This takes you to brief parallel reports in Hungarian and English on the commemoration ceremony for Mária Hári held in October 2011, along with photographs taken at that event:

One item from that event in 2011, in full (also in parallel texts, Hungarian  and English):

I wonder... Do you?

I know that this is an unanswerable question but I cannot help wondering how AP and MH would have regarded such events. I can but guess as AP's response but I am fairly certain of MH's, since she frequently told me. Just four words in English: your turn to guess...  

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