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Another intervention

Jordan has seemed to have stood on the sidelines of Conductive Education for years, not quite taking a first practical step. I recall years and years ago being visited by a high-powered lady from Jordan (the wife of the Prime Minister, if I remember right) who wanted to get something going and, a few years later, I was not sure why, the Jordanian Embassy in London arranged a visit from a Jordanian Princess. As far as I knew at the time, nothing came of either. I am sure that there will have been other initiatives elsewhere, but nothing concrete appears to have resulted from them either.

I have only just noticed another, more recent initiative.

The Jubilee Institute is a non-profit, independent, residential, co-educational secondary school for gifted Jordanian pupils, located in Amman, Jordan. A group pupils from the King’s Academy had visited different centres in Jordan offering services for children with cerebral palsy, finding that further development is required in developing services across the country. A search of services available around the world suggested Conductive Education to be the best approach to enabling children to integrate into their communities.

Wanting to share their findings and enthusiasm for CE with professionals working with children with cerebral palsy, the pupils organised a conference in March of this year, opened by Princess Rajwa Bint Ali, the first to be held on this topic in Jordan on this topic.

The conference

King’s Academy in collaboration with the Pető Institute (Hungary)
Independent Life through Conductive Education
24 – 26 March 2013
The workshop will discuss the effect of conductive education on children with cerebral palsy. The workshop will be led by speakers from Jordan, Hungary and England. Papers will be presented to describe various experiences with cerebral palsy and the challenges that are faced.

Topics to be covered
  • Basic elements of Conductive Education
  • How Conductive Education is established in some Arab countries
  • Cerebral Palsy in Jordan (this lecture will cover statistics, services and 
  • A unique experience for Conductive Education in UK
  • Professionals working with physical motor disabilities.
  • Recommended for undergraduate students in the universities who study physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy or high school students, and educators who work with cerebral palsy
  • Royal Medical Services – Royal Rehabilitation Center (Farah Center)
  • The workshop will be held from March 24 - 26, 2013
  • Consultations will be available on March 27 and 28, 2013.
  • 9:00am – 1:00pm (each day)
  • Pal Csuka / Pető Institute – Hungary
  • Eszter Daroczy / Pető Institute – Hungary
  • Magdolna Kovacs / Rainbow Center – United Kingdom
  • Dr Saleh Al Ajlouni / Queen Rania Hospital – Jordan
  • King’s Academy Students

150 JD per student, 200 JD per specialist, includes:
One Jordanian Dinar = 0.90 British Pound Sterling.


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