Wednesday, 5 June 2013


Cut to the bone

Norman Perrin's Facebook page draws attention to the forthcoming meeting of the Bilderberg Group. He provides a couple of useful links outlining who will be there this year and what they might be talking about:

One of these, the Daily Telegraph, remarks of this group –
It has been at the centre of a number of conspiracy theories. 
I must admit to not having previously heard of this group and its meetings though, as mentioned previously on Conductive World, I do tend to the cock-up rather than to the conspiracy-theory model of understanding human affairs.

The coming event sounds not so much a conspiracy as rather a nice jolly (albeit one held this time amidst some rather fusty décor) – a 'do' at which to meet old mates and make some new ones, to confirm old enmities and make new ones of these too, even patch some up, pinch each others' ideas, have a good old gossip, fix up some private deals, perhaps some tired and emotional behaviour, even a discussion or two about Uganda and, even in Watford, a chance to put away some decent tucker..

This is how 'conferences', 'congresses' etc. should be, without a time-wasting facade of presentations and other formal activities – in fact, putting aside all the pretence and flummery – and this is what successful conferences really are underneath.

It is interesting that people with the resources and power to do what they want to, irrespective of what outsiders and bean-counters might think, cut straight to the bone and organise just such an event for themselves.

On consideration, though, I suppose that one could argue the point  another way. Yes, of course this Bilderberg meeting is a conspiracy, against the laity and everybody else, just as are all conferences, congresses etc. as parts of their own wider conspiracies to meet  whatever particular agendas. It seems reasonable and there should be harm in admitting it. It is the cover-up that causes problems.


  1. "Unconferences", despite the awkward and ugly name, enable attendees to "organise just such an event for themselves", a form of event where "there is no agenda until .. the attendees made one up." I have attended several and they work quite well.

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