Thursday, 13 June 2013


So exceeding slow

A few days ago I stumbled across this article from 2009, and the world looked just a little better a place:

Well, I'm damned, whatever next? It would be nice to think that next might be the truly dreadful English-language translation 'zone of proximal development'.

Never mind conceptual substance, though, the social process reported is the more interesting – how once existing ideology is served and the damage done, then there is no turning the reactionary oil-tanker. Oh well, contradictions in all things!

I wonder whether Vygotskii will ever be be redeemable in the West. Or the rest of the psychology, pedagogy, upbringing, defectology etc. that he represented.

So it goes.

(Nothing here peculiar to Vygotskii, of course)


Cole, M. (ed.) (2009), The perils of translation: a first step in reconsidering Vygotsky’s theory of development in relation to formal education (editorial) , Mind, Culture, and Activity, vol. 16, pp. 291–295

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