Friday, 7 June 2013


And sing-along-a-CE

A further email from the organizers of the 8th World Conductive Education Congress to bring me up to date.

Final day for reduced-price Congress registration

You have until midnight tonight:

The full draft programme is not available to help waverers decide.


There is an 'official Congress song', called Magic

P. J. Olsson dedicates his song to all congress participants, persons concerned and their relatives and to the CE community.

You can hear this, in German only, on a video that currently heads the Congress's homepage:

I note that the 'official languages' of the Congress are German and English and look forward to seeing an official English translation of the words.

(The question immediately arises, have there been other, 'unofficial' Congress songs?)

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  1. A correspondent writes to tell me that I have dropped a clanger: the words of the official song are in English already! How very Eurovision.

    I have listened to the video again, very carefully and am willing to believe that I could hear the English words 'Put your hands in the air'at one point, I think, but I could be very wrong.

    I have to admit to not having heard the words of any pop songs since Abba (after whom singers'enunciation generally seems to have gone by the board – or maybe I just became too deaf).

    Nobody else has written to say that I got this wrong, so perhaps I am not the only English-speaker not to have twigged.

    Or maybe somebody's having me on.

    Whatever the language of the lyrics, subtitles or surtitles to that video, in whichever language, would settle the matter once and for all.