Friday, 7 June 2013


Vygotskii lives!

The following fundraising video went on line on Youtube today, in which father Andy Hopwood describes a game that he has developed to raise funds for Conductive Education.:

This put me immediately in mind of the little cards in A. Ya. Ivanova's teaching experiment that I utilised in the mid-seventies to demonstrate  to my own great personal satisfaction but to no wider interest whatsoever – the distinction between temporary retardation and oligophrenia, by means of distinctly different zones on next development as revealed in the process of obuchenie (teaching), see for example:

Sutton, A. (1980) Measures and models in developmental psychology, Educational Studies, vol. 6, no 2, pp. 111-126

Ivanova's cards were of course based upon the venerable 'Vygotskii-Sahharov Blocks', once upon a time about the only thing that L. S. Vygotskii was known for in the English-speaking world – and still, I see, used in the experimental elucidation of concept-formation:

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