Sunday, 28 July 2013


Lack of market-leader is possible explanation why few can

More than three-quarters of people aged 16 and over cannot name a disability charity – so says a survey by company nfpsynergy.
The company's co-founder and 'driver of ideas' proposes an explanation – 

Lack of awareness might be down to absence of a market-leading charity in that area.

Other possible explanations include general confusion over what the word 'disability' might refer to, lack of respect based upon experience or reported experience of such charities' actual work, and palpable lack of excitement in the messages from the field.

Conductive Education?

There are doubtless countless more possible explanations of this survey's findings, all untested, but if they do have validity then the bottom is dropping out the disability-charity market in England – and there could be a serious problem (one exacerbated by a subsidiary finding that younger respondents were even less aware of disability charities than were older ones).

Conductive Education in the UK has developed with one foot firmly planted in the voluntary sector. Where now?

You can of course argue that CE is not best counted under the 'disability' category and market its charitable appeals under 'education' or some other category. Good luck.


Hudson, S. (2113) Almost eight in 10 people can't name a disability charity, poll shows, ThirdSector, 28 June 2013

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