Wednesday, 17 July 2013


First Round Table announcement

Some time ago the website of the 8th World Congress announced –

Round-table discussions will be held on Friday, October 11, 2013, 16:00 to 17:00. Participants are strongly encouraged to propose a topic for these discussions. Those who would like to chair such a round  table discussion can inform about their topic by e-mail to

Rony Schenker has now announced the product of her own response to this opportunity.

'Parents teaching parents'
Friday 11 October 2013
Hall 3, 11:15-13:00

Norman Perrin, Paces Sheffield

North America
Patti Herbst, Center for Independence through Conductive Education

Anete Mozes, Tsad Kadima

Margara Millan, Con Nosotros

Ruth Durr, FortSchritt Rosenheim

Iris Lieu, CereCare Shanghai

Leticia Burigo, Com Amor
 Margara Millan
Rony Schenker
Questions for contributors
  • What made it possible to set up a center – socially, economically, politically – and did it turn out like you expected?
  • What were the major opportunities and challenges along your way, and how did/do you face them?
  • What it means to go from being a user/advocate to a provider/manager?
  • Describe the professional/operational model of your center and the professionals' resource/training.
  • What is the single most important advice that you can give to young parents just starting off setting up their own CE service?
Contributors' prepared replies to these questions will not exceed five minutes each.


The whole Round Table will last 105 minutes, to include an introduction, panellists' responses to the five questions and time for questions from the audience. Each panel-member should be prepared to respond to all questions but will be asked to reply to only two or three. In this way the programme will maintain its schedule and avoid repetitions.

Presumably there have been others arranged, though none has yet been announced. There seems still time to set up further ones.

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