Sunday, 28 July 2013


Now going on line
Not all there yet

The programme for the 8th World CE Congress is now in process of going on line. It is not yet completely there as the Abstracts for some items are still not yet available, including Keynote Addresses and some pre-Congress workshops, and Abstracts for some presentation are not yet available on both Congress languages of German and English:

It is a very large programme. I have just spent over an hour taking a first look through it and have still yet to master its navigation. As a result I did not yet find everything and everyone I wanted to see. The Search function did find the Abstracts that I was looking for, but not their spots on the programme. I did finally find my way to the films but the posters continue to elude me. Perhaps tomorrow.

There are some very interesting things in there and I hope that there will be something for most people. There are also, however, Abstracts the relevance of which to Conductive Education wholly escapes me, and others that simply defy understanding. It would have helped if more contributors had followed the Congress's guidelines.

Work in progress

The chosen contents are now set. No doubt the omitted Abstract material will soon be falling in to join the ranks and perhaps the site may even be made a little easier to navigate.

Meanwhile, there's a feast in store for those who browse the site, whatever you are looking for – intellectual excitement, innovative practice, choking indignation, or sheer Schadenfreude...

* This programme tells the world many things about Conductive Education, Along the way these collected Abstracts confirm that 'scientific' should be the very last word used in English to describe CE.

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