Saturday, 10 August 2013


To attract the attention of passing search engines

Google Alerts has send me this initially puzzling gobbledegook –
Massage Therapy School London Ont
ReIMAGINE Cerebral Palsy
As a Conductor alongside a range of professionals in a Conductive Education school in London, New Forest and Aylesbury, and massage therapy in conjunction with conventional medicine. (Ont.), Clinician on the Optimal Environments Team.
You can easily recognise individual components in this jumbled, computer-generated whole (including the two Londons!). Oh, but what a daft whole it all adds up to!

This is, however, published on line with serious intent. These unrelated phrases will be picked up by search engines and direct people on to the site. For example, many people searching for “reIMAGINE Cerebral Palsy” (a big annual event being held in Toronto next month) might well find their way there. Once they arrive, then it does not matter what nonsense they find. As long as at least some of these visitors go on to click on the advertised products before they leave, then the nonsense will have done its job and brought its wares to the attention of a targeted audience.

No magic, no mystery, just advertising

Regular readers of Conductive World might remember the following two postings, from a year ago

Perhaps it does not matter what you tell the punters in the street outside your shop, as long as it brings them in through the door. Hucksters have always known this. It will be what the punters see and hear once they are inside that will prove critical to convincing them of Conductive Education. Just get them in through that door – perhaps this all that really matters,

Ethics, anybody?

Advertising CE

Advertising is a commonplace part of the world of Conductive Education. This mainly involves advertising jobs (almost exclusively conductors' jobs). But what about all the other things that might be advertised to the world outside. Summer camps and other short-term schemes make a bit of a showing (conductor Júdit Szathmáry is particularly active in this) but the general impression is that the sector does not advertise extensively. Nor are advertising campaigns mounted for Conductive Education itself.

The reasons for this may be obvious. Its possible effects bear consideration.


Punters: (British slang) customers

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  1. Here's another one for you, Andrew. Not CE but fun all the same.