Sunday, 11 August 2013


And for once, CE will be there

reIMAGINE Cerebral Palsy

How research and therapies can change lives
65th Annual Conference of the
Ontario Federation for Cerebral Palsy 
Delta Chelsea Hotel, Toronto
28-30 September
Our presenters will provide the latest information on how researchers, therapists and service providers are meeting the needs of people who have Cerebral Palsy in a truly inclusive, innovative and transformational way.
Toronto is an important focus in the world of the cerebral palsies and it is nice to see Conductive Education featured within a rich conference programme –
Mhairi Watson will present on Conductive Education. CE operates from a core belief in neuroplasticity – the lifelong ability of the brain to reorganize neural pathways based on new experiences – and that people can learn and improve when they are given the necessary tools and education.
Mhairi Watson leads a team of Conductors in the Toronto location of the Conductive Education program for March of Dimes Canada.
This is programmed under the rubric of 'Alternative Therapies', along with a presentation on robotics.

Keynote Entertainer

Now there is something that one does not come across often at conferences, to be delivered here by comedian Alan Shain.

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  1. You had me panicked there Andrew. This was last september.

  2. Don't panic, Mrs Mainwaring!

    Oh dear, apologies all round. I hope that your presentation went well and it provoked lively discussion! Thanks for correcting me so promptly, I am glad that I did not rush to buy an air ticket!

    Had I been there last year I might have raised my continuing puzzlement about the neuro-emphasis of the summary given here. Taking Occam's razor to this, it reads rather well if stated simply as follows –

    'CE operates from a core belief that people can learn and improve when they are given the necessary tools and education.'

    This stays within the knowable facts and opens the way to concrete further discussion and even academic research relevant to a pedagogy and a system of upbringing.

    I am I right is thinking that MODC's school has been going for nearly a year now? I know of MODC's longstanding interest in research and look forward immensely to seeing your school's work reported and evaluated, and then following its educational evolution over the years.