Tuesday, 6 August 2013


CE-centre's initiative on wider matter

It would hardly be appropriate to refer to this time before the implementation on the new law on 'special needs' as a run-up. Nobody's running. Nobody seems bothered. The Government has laboured mightily, and brought forth a – what? What were all those years of to-ing and fro-ing really all about? Was the intention all along just to bury the whole issue in bureaucratised boredom?  If that were so, time well spent.

Now as the process looks finally to be grinding towards its legislative conclusion Paces Sheffield has taken a local initiative:

PACES Seminars 2013

'The biggest change in special education in 30 years'
  • Seminar 1 on 18th September 2013 is especially for parents and carers and parent/carer organisations
  • Seminar 2 on 25th September 2013 is mainly for anyone working in health, education or social care, whether practitioners, commissioners or providers, from all sectors.


No information yet on prices and locations.

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Are there any other such initiatives, by other CE-centres about the country, at this very British time of crisis?


  1. Just gone live, Andrew, http://pacesseminars.com
    Information- including route to booking and venue detail

  2. Sorry, no dice. Couldn't find it.Better link,please.

  3. http://pacesseminars.com
    this link from Unknown works for me.

    Here is venue info. -

    Here is booking info -

  4. Thanks, Susie, I had missed the links across the top of the page.

    Paces is putting on a really good and full programme for both days, with varied and high- quality contributors. Prices are very favourable and good-value for the programme provided (and parents and carers are eligible for a FREE place at the first of these two events).

    Paces held a seminar last year and I see that the 'Paces Seminars' are to be a national event. I see the word 'regional' in the bumff but they meet a national as well as a local need.

    Nice one, Norman and co.

  5. Hi Both. I am Anonymous! For some reason when I try to add Comments, Blogger asks me to sign up for an account. On this occasion it refused to recognise me. Which is what it seems to be doing now. Tedious, I know. But who knows who I'll be this time!
    Thanks for sorting out the URLs Susie