Monday, 5 August 2013


Record-keeping for the 21st century

'ParticipantTracker' is a system designed to simplify and streamline the process of tracking and documenting clients' progress. It has been developed by conductor Ben Foulger who, unlike most people working in Conductive Education, has qualifications and experience of working in the strange world of 'e' that our children and grandchildren, and their schools, take for granted.

But are Conductive Education services around the world growing up accordingly, to match the expectations of 21st-century management and organisation in this important respect​?

This is a question that ought to concern conductors and their employers, funders and contracting agencies, and perhaps particularly service-buyers, users and potential users of their services, whose concerns may reasonably include that case records are effectively and economically processed.

It may also interest those with concerns on the dimension of Conductive Education's PR and image – there's nothing like 'e' to impart the expectation of cutting-edge modernity.

For many in and around CE this is a quiet time of the year, but with plenty to catch up on and to prepare for! Here's something else to fill the time: take a look at Ben Foulger's 'ParticipantTracker':

And take up his offer of two weeks' free trial.

NB 'Participant' = client, service-user 

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