Tuesday, 27 August 2013


Talk of bankruptcy, redundancies at Pető Institute

Timea Szabo is an Independent member of the Hungarian Parliament. She has disturbed a late-summer's hornet nest by publicly announcing serious financial problems at the Pető Institute. Quite what is happening and why, or where it is all headed, remain unclear, but doubtless much more will emerge soon, both into the public domain and on the grapevines.

What little there is so far is in Hungarian only. English and German reports soon, one hopes.

Here's a flavour...
Az Együtt-PM véleménye szerint a 'Fidesz-maffia megszállta' a Pető Intézetet, ami miatt a világhírű intézmény csődközeli helyzetbe került - mondta kedden az MTI-nek Szabó Tímea.
Franz Schaffhauser, Rector of the College admitted that the institution was in a difficult position and that there are current problems for suppliers.
World-famous Pető Institute on the verge of bankruptcy [newspaper headline]
...the institution currently produces a monthly deficit of 20 million.

The Institute has many concerned that there will be an attempt to to overcome the situation – temporarily – with lay-offs...  lay-offs would also reduce the number of children admitted.
There have been at least five financial managers over the past year, but holding to the austerity plans saw all of them quickly give up and leave.The job has been vacant for months.
A lap szerint a Pető most a konduktorai kirúgásával próbálná megúszni a fenyegető pénzügyi csődöt. 
The independent Members of Parliament on behalf of the Electoral Alliance called on the Government to abandon 'bleeding' the Pető immediately and restore the institution's funding to the 2010 level.
The State Secretary of the Ministry of Higher Education is to support the Peto Institute with HUF 317.6 million... He stressed that the Ministry supports the Pető Institute by all possible means...

The Government closed down the International Pető Foundation in year 2010, and founded the non-profit International Pető András Ltd, headed by Mr Miklós Fehér, former Deputy State Secretary of the Antall Government, with Mr Csaba Petermann as Finance Director. Timea Szabo claims that according to her information, Miklós Fehér and Csaba Petermann are 'jointly urging' that the Pető properties be transferred to the books of the limited company.
From even this hurried glimpse it is clear that it is all very complex and political, and probably a little dirty too. Problems in the governance of the PAI have a long, murky history. No doubt the Hungarian Government will seek to bail the PAI out financially but the effects that this will have upon the substance of the PAI's training and education programs will remain to be seen as they work their way down through the system.

All that may be certain is that the school year just beginning will be rather different than planned, perhaps very different, with possible implications for Conductive Education everywhere.

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