Thursday, 15 August 2013


The silly season  

Norman Perrin has sent me this journal abstract written by Anne Beate Reinertsen, a lecturer at a Norwegian university –

Welcome to my brain
This is about developing recursive, intrinsic, self-reflexive as de-and/or resubjective always evolving living research designs. It is about learning and memory cognition and experiment poetic/creative pedagogical science establishing a view of students ultimately me as subjects of will (not) gaining from disorder and noise: Antifragile and antifragility and pedagogy as movements in/through place/space. Further, it is about postconceptual hyperbolic word creation thus a view of using language for thinking not primarily for communication. It is brain research with a twist and becoming, ultimately valuation of knowledges processes: Becoming with data again and again and self-writing theory. I use knitting the Möbius strip and other art/math hyperbolic knitted and crocheted objects to illustrate nonbinary . . . perhaps. Generally; this is about asking how-questions more than what-questions.

Gee thanks, Norman, It beats me. I don't know about the lady's brain but she is welcome to her mind,though I am at a total loss to know what she has on it here. Still, Sage is a leading international academic publisher so the fault here  and the loss  are probably mine.


Reinertsen, A, B. (2013) Welcome to my brain, Qualitative Inquiry, July

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  1. She has also published a book on education:

    That's got me beat too.