Tuesday, 20 August 2013


That's the way to do it

In a year when so little about CE has been hitting the world's media, other than for its reoccurring need for money and reports of fundraising, some very strong PR for CECO (Conductive Education Center of Orlando).

Not just a rare sighting these days but just read Brittni Larson's report to feel the heat of the fire, the emotion, the faith, hope, the sheer spirit of the whole enterprise:


Some will object to use of the words 'therapy' and 'therapists' in this context but, that aside, this is just the sort of press that CE needs if it is to get anywhere in the world, starting by attracting the next generation of parent-enthusiasts and parent-activists. Not just now but continuously, not just in Seminole, FL but everywhere that CE has human results to proclaim. Make no mistake, passionate, positive publicity and the wider enthusiasm that this may engender are Conductive Education's lifeblood, without which every other strategy to advance the cause, however valid in itself, may simply just wither away.

Read, mark and inwardly digest.


Larson, B. (2013) The first steps past cerebral palsy, Seminole Voice, 15 August

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