Monday, 2 September 2013


But do so in the right place

On Saturday afternoon Nandita Saxena Paul posted this note on the Facebook page of CONDUCTIVE EDUCATION PRESS
Hi folks, I am a SEN Educator who has been practising CE in Dubai for 8 years. Just relocated to India last year. Today we held a Conference on the principles of CE in PUNE, India. We are trying to bring in CE to India as I have personally seen its benefits. Our audience today was very receptive. 
I would like to know if there is some kind of funding for CE projects being introduced overseas? As I am not a conductor we will need one to set up the unit and bring in experts from abroad!!!

This was an odd place to post it – hardly likely to attract the sort of attention that Nandita was looking for.

Take it to the Market

So on Sunday evening I republished Nandita's open letter on CONDUCTIVE WORLD MARKET. Within two hours her request had attracted the following response from Beate Hoess-Zenker of Pfennigparade in Munich
I would like to help – can we invite 2 or 3 Indian specialists to come to the World Congress – we could give free entrance, accommodation but unfortunately no travel costs – would this help or is it to less? 
Perhaps we can also find 1 or 2 conductors of our staff of 25 conductors who would travel for about 2 weeks to India to help the specialists there – but this only in the year 2014!

You can advertise, announce, buy or sell almost anything in this MARKET, as long as it is legal and related to Conductive Education. It cannot be guaranteed that every advert will receive such a quick reply, even on a Sunday evening, but if you do not ask then most surely you will not get!

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