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Are you keeping up with the changing education system?
It has come to something when a respectable establishment organisation like the Council for Disabled Children feels the need to publish a pamphlet for parents to alert them to the underhand tactics, fiddles and deceits that local authorities might adopt to relieve children of their often hard fought for entitlements to special help, under cover of changes in the law. The Council's recent briefing paper about the school-funding changes for children with 'special educational needs' explains what should be done do if a school or local authority proposes to change children's special educational provision on such pretexts:
How sordid to have so to distrust a public service. I am so glad no longer to have to enter this arena. Those who do provide conductive services for children have a moral, duty-of-care obligation to be aware of this aspect of their clients' changing world – and what is more, out of enlightened self-interest, they have also now to be alert for a whole new raft of opportunities for service-users to access public funding for accessible conductive services.
Both parents and conductive service-providers suppliers might find this publication not just a useful shield against present dangers but something that triggers potentially productive useful thoughts for the future. 
Get up to speed

There is more change scheduled to follow fast behind. Responsible CE-services in England will have already started or at least arranged in-service training on this. If not, then it is late, but not too late too start catching up:
'The biggest programme of reform in education, health and support for children with special educational needs and disabilities in 30 years'... The reforms will affect all of us working with children and young people aged 0-25 years with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities.
To find out more about this, within a CE context, you might try the Paces Seminars 2013 in Sheffield later this month:

Short notice? You really oughtn't to have left it so late...


Council for Disabled Children (2013) School funding changes and children with SEN in mainstream schools: a briefing for parents, London, June

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