Wednesday, 4 September 2013


11 September

11 September is the anniversary of the birth (1893) and death (1967) of András Pető.

Yes, he died on the afternoon of his 74th birthday.

Every year this double anniversary is celebrated by the Pető Institute in Budapest.

Next Wednesday is 11 September 2013:
  • 10.00 Éva Szabó and Éva Beck will lay flowers at the Fárkasréti columbarium containing András Pető's ashes
  • 11.00 Franz Shaffhauser will say some words of thanks at a ceremony in the Hall of the Pető Institute in Kútvölgyi út
  • at around 12.00 a gathering outside the flat in which András Pető lived in Stollár Béla utca will see a wreath placed at the wall plaque bearing his name.

Account of András Pető's death

For those who have yet to hear this:

Do other centres commemorate this day?

If not why not? It is a good story and makes for an excellent opportunity for PR and public education. It would hardly take a week to organise, publicise and then deliver something appropriate.

Enough centres are keen to bandy András Pető's name and a mark of public respect would be fair return.

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