Tuesday, 17 September 2013


Miracles take a little longer

As far as I can tell much of the flood of newspaper ink spilled over the PAI's financial crisis has served to obscure rather that illuminate the actual events and their causes. Here at last is an attempt at some real investigative journalism, in an extensive feature article written by Edit Palágyi and published in Szabad Föld.

She set herself quite a task –
Can it be that the existence of the institution is still in danger? I tried to find out.
She could hardly be expected to answer the unanswerable but she does offer a more rounded and vivid overview of the present situation and what is publicly knowable about it than does general media coverage to date. This permits a better possibility for readers to question some specifics in their fuller context – for example, did the labour dispute of 2004 really cost the PAI the equivalent of £42o,000 at today's exchange rate and, if so, has that really been a significant factor in its present financial situation?

Edit Palágyi's article cannot of course answer such questions but it leaves the door open for further serious enquiry, journalistic or whatever.


Palágyi, E. (2013) A csodára kicsit várni kell, Szabad Föld, 15 September

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