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A little background for 1944-5
(And for Vienna, 1938)

From time to time items have appeared in Conductive World. touching upon the knowable circumstances of András Pető (and to a lesser extent Mária Hári's) during the Second World War. Events of the time were fast-moving and complex. Those looking for a well-stated outline of the major political and military events in Hungary of 1944-5 (and further onward links) might find helpful the following clear summary from the Holocaust Encyclopedia:

This historical framework may also provide useful background information in the immediate future, with further likely international attention to the unveiling of the Hungarian Government's Holocaust Memorial in Budapest, and the possibility of the interminably delayed general release of the Hollywood film Walking with the Enemy.

Austria, 1938, a good place not to be

The same source also offers a glimpse of Vienna a few years earlier, where András Pető had till then lived most of his adult life

In some time during 1938 András Pető took himself to Budapest, thence to Paris, and thence back to Budapest. Whatever the attractions of these two cities, there was certainly good reason for him to be leaving Vienna.


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