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Hoping to hear more on this

Earlier this week Susie Mallett posted this brief statement from a father, who had known British, German and Hungarian conductors, in a conversation with a couple of them –

What is it about conductors, what is it that they all bring into our lives, into our home? There is almost something tangible in the air when they are about!

What is it? There is something, no matter what nationality the conductor is, that radiates from all of you, something in your souls that is so similar whether British, German or Hungarian?

This was on her Conductive Upbringing and Lifestyle blog, in a posting reflecting again on the nature of hope in Conductive Education. This drew my own attention back to the hope question in CE. This question has attracted Rony Shencker's attention as well as Susie's but it is surprising how little in general it has been explicitly considered compared to the number of times that hope seems mentioned in conversation by service-users and conductors.

I have added a few not very original thoughts of my own in a Comment on Susie's recent posting, including this on research –

So why is it that this essential mechanism and outcome of CE has not been investigated by researchers over the years. Presumably one response to this question must be that to do so would be just too difficult.

Hope presents an odd problem for researchers. Is 'hope' a psychological phenomenon, a kind of emotion, or is it more of a philosophy of living?

I am very aware, by the way, that hope is as important for the providers as for the users of CE – and is a collective as well as a personal phenomenon. At the recent CE World Congress in Germany, hope was stated in a context of positive psychology and the psychological capital of Tsad Kadima.
Pandora has something for everyone!

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