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'If you believe, you will achieve'
If you organise and act, that is
The content of the following passage is hauntingly familiar –
The Feuerstein Institute is an international educational-therapeutic center that works to promote thinking and learning skills –
The Institute's goal is to create a world with wide social support and consciousness , that based on the belief that every individual in every age and condition has the ability to change, and that a man needs to be estimated by his own potential and not to be constantly compared to others.
This vision liberates us from stigmas, medical fixation and past failures. We can change! We can develop. In the Institute's vision, every man, with no differences of religion, gender, race or nationality can realize his great potential, and by that to secure not only his survival, but the quality of his personal, social and moral life. In such world people won't be judged or categorized by their current abilities, but will have an option to change dramatically. People will have the opportunity to make this change even if their "beginning point" in life is not as high as others and even very low.
Every person has the option to change! 
Founded in 1956 by Professor Reuven Feuerstein, the Feuerstein Institute is an international educational, treatment and research facility, dedicated to the task of teaching individuals how to learn. This is accomplished through use of the Feuerstein Method, which utilizes mediation to enhance learning potential. As a result, clients gain the knowledge and tools to reach beyond their manifest abilities. The Feuerstein Method can help EVERYONE improve how they learn.

So too at the more personal level –
The Feuerstein Institute gives children and adults a real chance and the proven ability to change and overcome a variety of physical and mental impairments, to be rehabilitated and integrated in society as contributing people.

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Reuven Feuerstein died on 29 April. His succession, managerial and intellectual, had been already established.

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The path mapped out by Reuven Feuerstein and his immediate successors is not the only possible strategy to ensure the survival and development of a transformative practice and theory in an uncertain world – but it may prove more effective than no apparent strategy at all.

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