Sunday, 18 May 2014


But who selected them?
  • On living Life is action and life is good only when action is a joy. (p.19)
  • On parents Love never faileth. (p. 23)
  • On cerebral palsy Thou whose exterior semblance doth belie Thy soul's immensity. (p. 27)
  • On psychology A man's body and his mind – in all reverence I say it – are like a jerkin and its lining, rumple the one and you rumple the other. (p. 37)
  • On education A good system is twice blessed – it blesses him that trains and him that's trained. (p.34)
  • On kinaesiology Cogito, ergo sum 1. ( p. 77)
  • On movement training Die Blinden und die Lahmen könten euch gnädig sein 2. (p. 91)
  • On education Me reposer? Je ne veux pas. J'ai soif de vivre. 3. (p. 105)
  • On speech The world is best enjoyed and most immediately when we converse blessedly and wisely with men. (p. 109)
  • On schooling Je me trouve fort bien d'être une substance qui pense et qui lit. 4 (p. 113)
  • On aids Simplify, simplify. (p. 118)
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On English usage

This has changed over recent years. In the above read 'men' as 'people'.

1    I think, therefore I am
2    Blind and lame people could be gracious unto you.
3    Me, rest? I don't want to. I thirst for life.
4    I am content to be a substance who thinks and who reads.

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