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Seven pupils planned, aged three to sixteen
Advertising for a conductor

An upbeat report today in the French regional newspaper Ouest France

'The Snail House': third special school in France
Mother, Carole Bourdais-Savé, founder of the Cloe Association, has announced that its project to create a special school has at last seen the light of day...
The Snail House
Following approaches to numerous local authorities in the region, the Mayor's Office of the town of Plédéliac has put a former day nursery at the Association's disposal. There is no work needing to be done, and no rent is required other than running expenses to be paid. The project was approved and voted by Plédéliac Municipal Council ten days ago for a three-year lease. The private school will be able to welcome up to a maximum of seven children and it it the families that will finance their education.
The Cleo Association will of course support the new school at its outset. A first, two-week session will be held I August, then three weeks in October and two weeks in December. Opening will become continual in January 2015. Snail House is a special school for children and will follow the 'Pető Method'. This method also called 'conductive pedagogy', is an approach to special education for children with disabilities secondary to cerebral lesions
Third school in France
This permits children to learn basic skills to resolve the problems of their everyday lives.
There is a glimmer of hope to have this very effective method recognised within ten years.
Currently there exist only two schools of this kind in France. The Snail House is the third of this type of special education and the most recent created in all Europe.
Job for a conductor
Advertising now:
L'Association Cloe: Courage. Liens. Organisation, Espoir
Courage. Connections. Organisation. Hope)

La Maison Escargot ('The Snail House'):
Just like the snail, we advance slowly but we never retreat
(2014) « La maison escargot », troisième école specialisée en France, Ouest France, 3 June

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